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Founder / Director

PPT Technician

It was winter, on a Monday evening. A glass of red wine was poured. An idea was born. In April 2011, Melvin Iverson took the plunge, designed and built the very first Amuse Photo Booth. A month later, Amuse Photo Booths was operational.


Countless hours were spent cleverly marketing and networking our products. Every week we went back to the drawing board figuring out how our machines could be better; what they were lacking; and most of all, how they can be self-sufficient without us needing to manage them. We invested in our technology, software & design.

The good reviews started coming in, the city noticed and soon we needed to expand. One machine became two, then three, four and eventually an entire fleet. We were blessed to have several venues adding us to their preferred vendor's list, along with big-name corporate clients.

Soon APB became the largest provider in the Eastern Cape but we felt that digital photo booths were not enough. In 2014 we added a couple of printing photo booths to our product catalogue and in 2015 we designed the PicBot, which is an extremely successful open booth concept. In 2017 we spread our wings and expanded into George and East London with permanent branch owners.


In 2019 we upgraded our machines to touch screen systems with built-in battery packs to cope with loadshedding. That year also saw the launch of PicBot 3 in several awesome designs.


What will the future hold? We don't know, but we hope to bring another million smiles and loads of memories.

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